Martin Etchart
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The Last Shepherd is the story of a young man's search for an identity that encompasses two very different cultures and one complex, scattered family.

Mathieu Etcheberri wants nothing more than to go to college. Only his father has other plans. He insists his son take over the family ranch. 

But then Mathieu's father is killed in an accident and the ranch is Mathieu's to do with as he wants. Or at least that is what he thinks. Mathieu soon learns that the ranch he was banking on to fund his college tuition belongs to a aunt he never even knew existed. To make matters worse, the aunt lives in the French Pyrenees -- the very place his grandfather fled over forty years before.

Now, this small town, rural boy is forced to travel halfway across the world to settle the questions of his inheritance. There Matt discovers he is part of a large Basque family and a the center of a mystery that still festers in the mountain village. 

Mathieu's journey to manhood takes place in a vividly depicted landscape populated by lively, memorable characters. 
                                            Early Praise

"Etchart (The Good Oak) deftly captures the pastoral setting, elegantly contrasting this with the family suffering that Matt Uncovers." -- Publishers Weekly

"With all the wit and insight of Sherman Alexie and Jonathan Safran Foer, Etchart deepens the coming-of-age genre with this novel about 20-year-old Mathieu Etcheberri...This is a fine, charming, terrific story about a fascinating culture, and the value of family and knowing where they -- and thus you -- come from." -- Donna Chavez Booklist Review

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